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Agile & Efficient

beats slow & outdated

At Agilifly Transformation Consulting & Automations, we help organisations radically improve productivity, execute faster, and foster an Agile, digital first mindset among employees


Our clients across EMEA, India , ASEAN and North America save 18-40% of their time spent on manual tasks and archaic work execution methods

Customer Centric

Client Outcomes and experience are our North Star

Agile & Fast

We get things done- with laser focus, agility and modularization

Quality Focused

We hold ourselves accountable to high quality in service and outputs.

Led By Integrity

We are true to our clients and ourselves and upfront about any constraints.

Driven by Purpose

We have unshakable confidence in our value proposition to our Clients.

Striving To Be Better

We challenge ourselves, raise the bar, learn, evolve and grow everyday.


We transform businesses through new-age productivity consulting and implementation


Smartsheet Work Management Platform Implementations

  • Save 20-40% of your time on manual work and meetings
  • Manage work intake, assignment, approval, execution, tracking  and reporting of work across teams through one platform

  • Automate  processes and workflows within all functions

  • Manage projects and portfolios at scale


Develop Agile Mindsets & Capability

  • Build fundamental understanding on Agile frameworks or go deeper with Agile Transformation for Tech and Non Tech teams

  • Enable Problem solving, Soft skills and Leadership capabilities for your team

  • Provide learning opportunities to employees to develop soft skills@work


People Process & People Technology Advisory

  • HR Tech advisory
  • Advisory for  Organization design, people policies, talent processes, recruiting processes & more

  • Save your team’s bandwidth via design and execution support of your time bound talent development and engagement interventions

“We moved to a skill based development and talent management process, with increased our internal hiring rate from 9% to 24% in just 12 months, trending towards are 38% target in 24 months”

Talent Lead, FMCG (Confidential)

We reduced meeting time by 18% in just over a quarter based on the Agile in Marketing training and lightning fast Smartsheet Implementation support

BU Marketing Lead, Amazon

Our average Overdue actions on projects reduced from 38% to 7%. Project Managers saved 16% of time creating status update presentations, Smartsheet as a work management platform

Project Manager, MDL

Our team workshop on Agility and Analytics was mindblowing with lots of perspectives packed in a few hours. Would highly recommend these sessions to Non Tech functional teams

CHRO at Tech Unicorn (Confidential)

You ask we answer

Where are you located?

Our core leadership team is based in North America, Europe, Singapore and India. We operate across EMEA, India, ASEAN and North America on a remote/hybrid model. We have an extended team of Learning SMEs, Tech Developers, Industrial Psychologists, Coaches and Program Managers within these regions. Our transactions are usually in GBP, EUR, USD, SGD and INR currencies

What is your engagement model?

Based on our Agile mindset, we customize engagement models to our clients. We start with Client Discovery process . We then have a solutions discussion on possible modular elements of our solutions- Technology, Training, Change management, Process design, Bench marking etc. Our clients are from several industries and represent start ups, MSMEs and large enterprises. We align on Clients outcomes, execution methodology and timelines. We keep our agreements flexible to allow Clients to change requirements. Our clients, Our clients are from several industries and represent start ups, MSMEs and large enterprises.  chose the extent of support they need from our team customized for their requirements.